SUPER BLACK® Lacquers was started in 2012 by Natalie Dee in Columbus, Ohio.  All SUPER BLACK® Lacquers are formulated, mixed, and bottled by hand.  Our polishes are the best because we made them that way on purpose... nothing is produced that hasn't been worn and loved many times by us and our friends, and everything is made with an eye toward quality.  We have the best pigments and inclusions, and we're generous with them when we make our lacquers, so all of our polishes are beautiful and full-coverage in 2-3 coats (sometimes fewer!)

Oh, and we almost forgot... All SUPER BLACK® Lacquers are 4-Free, which means we omit 4 of the most hazardous materials commonly used in nail polish.

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SUPER BLACK® is a registered trademark of Super Black Lacquers, LLC.